High Ambitions for All

We have high ambitions for all our pupils and expect most to go on to university

Trinity Academy aims to be one of the best schools in London, known for the quality and rigour of its teaching. We will have high ambitions for ALL our pupils, irrespective of background, and expect most to go on to university, many to the very best universities.

Naturally talented pupils will be stretched. No one will be written off. Every pupil will be motivated, encouraged and supported to be the best that they can be.

A vision defined by parents

Ours is a parent-led initiative and the wishes and aspirations of local parents have shaped our vision for Trinity. Our plan represents the distilled essence of hundreds of school-gate conversations, meetings and discussions. It is the kind of school that local parents say they want for their children, but struggle to find in the existing provision for our community.

We have taken what parents have told us they want from a school to experienced teachers and education finance professionals and with their help have devised an education plan. The good news is – it can be done.

Academic Excellence

Trinity Academy will be committed to academic excellence and to developing the potential of each individual pupil to the fullest extent possible.  

We want pupils leaving Trinity to be able to interact confidently, whether at university or in the workplace, with people who have been lucky enough to receive the very best education in the independent sector. To this end, our duty will be to equip our students with just as much ‘knowledge capital’ or ‘cultural capital’ as those whose parents have invested heavily in their schooling.

Balanced Curriculum

A broad and balanced curriculum, grounded in the study of English, Maths, the Sciences, History, Geography, the Classics, Modern Foreign Languages, Art, Music and Religious Education should not be reserved for either an academic or a social élite. A ‘liberal education’ based on these traditional subjects should be available to all, irrespective of background.

This means that life at Trinity Academy will involve a lot of hard work and we will operate a longer school day than is usual. But we will ensure that classes are engaging and fun and the  curriculum will be enriched with plenty of sport and extra-curricular activities.

If your child is naturally gifted and talented, she/he will be stretched and never bored at Trinity Academy. But if he/she struggles with some subjects, he/she will get extra support and encouragement.

Transforming Opportunity

Trinity Academy aims to transform the life chances of those who come to the school from disadvantaged backgrounds, those arriving with low levels of attainment at primary school, and those with special educational needs.

All can succeed if provided with outstanding teaching and pastoral care.

To learn more about our plans for an excellent school see our Curriculum page.